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If this will be your first donation with ConnectLife, welcome! Please create a username and password below to be able to schedule your appointment. Once you have donated, we will match your donor record. On your next login, you will be able to see your donation history, wellness results, rewards, and more. Please be sure to enter your information below exactly as it appears on your photo ID. (If you go by a nickname, please use your legal first name to help us better match your record.)

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Thank you for being a ConnectLife donor! Please create your username and password below. To match your donor record, please enter your Donor ID (if known) as provided on your donor ID card or in a recent welcome communication from the blood center. If you have not already received your welcome email or text, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist. You can still register without a Donor ID to schedule appointments and your account can be matched later.

Important Note: If you have already scheduled a future appointment with ConnectLife, thank you! We are currently migrating appointments from our previous scheduling system and your appointment may not yet appear. We appreciate your patience and you should still present for your appointment as originally scheduled.

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